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  • Evergreen Forests

Carbon Friendly Forestry Conference 2021 Recap

The past year has been one of extremes, from historic flooding events, wildfires, and this past summer’s record-breaking heat wave. It is becoming more and more evident that we are already living in the age of the climate crisis. As our way of life is existentially challenged, we must interrogate the practices that have brought us to this point and imagine new ways forward.

  • Fossil Fuels

Why You Should Care About the TMX Pipeline Expansion

The TMX expansion would cause an increase in tar sands extractions in northern Alberta, with a capacity of 590,000 barrels per day.

  • Puget Sound

Stormwater & Transportation

What do orcas and riding transit have in common? A lot! The way we have designed our cities and streets have impacted our waterways. We have interrupted the natural water cycle by paving surfaces like roads and parking lots. Instead of rain soaking into the soil, it floods our streets and carries pollution to the…

  • Puget Sound

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly: Protecting Orcas in the San Juan Islands

Rein Attemann | Puget Sound Campaign Manager During the summer, the Salish Sea is busy with recreational boaters and anglers, whale watch operators, and commercial vessels. It is also the time of year when the Southern Resident orca population returns to their summer foraging grounds to feed on Chinook salmon, primarily from the Fraser River…

  • Evergreen Forests

A New Paradigm for State Forestlands: Managing Forests for People & Climate

Driving on Interstate 90, one can get a real sense of the majesty and diversity of the Pacific Northwest’s forests. Woven between the trees are intricate ecological systems vital to the health of Washington’s communities and ecosystems. Forests clean our air, filter sediment and pollutants from our water, prevent flooding and landslides, absorb and store…

  • Evergreen Forests

Nisqually Community Forest

Communities Stand Tall to Protect Forests Washington’s forests work very hard to keep us healthy and happy. When they themselves are healthy, they provide ample clean water and a home for the fish we like to catch and eat as well as the iconic birds and animals we cherish. They inspire our hikes and mountain…

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