For almost 50 years, WEC has worked to protect Washington’s forests for current and future generations. The goal of the Evergreen Forest Agenda is to ensure Washington State remains the Evergreen State by protecting state forest land, sustainably managing our private forest land, bringing new incentives and partners to the table, strengthening forestry issues in local communities, and holding our elected officials accountable.

Stand up for Washington’s iconic marbled murrelet! This small seabird needs your help – its population has decreased by 44% over the past fifteen years. Find out how you can add your voice to the growing chorus of concerned Washingtonians who want to protect the forestland where the murrelet nests and the shorelines where it fishes. Learn more about how you can get involved here. 

Evergreen Forests News and Stories

Murrelet Survival Project Podcasts

The Marbled Murrelet is unique among endangered species–it’s vulnerable at sea and on land, from oil spills to logging to general human disruption.

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Hope for the Future of our Forests, Farms, and Water

Those of us who fight to protect forests in our state and across the nation must join together with courage and tenacity.

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The next public lands commissioner? A reformer

We need Washington’s next commissioner of public lands to be open-minded to alternative ways of doing business.

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