For almost 50 years, WEC has worked to protect Washington’s forests for current and future generations. The goal of the Evergreen Forest Agenda is to ensure Washington State remains the Evergreen State by protecting state forest land, sustainably managing our private forest land, bringing new incentives and partners to the table, strengthening forestry issues in local communities, and holding our elected officials accountable.

WEC brought together some of the smartest policy makers, business leaders, and carbon forestry experts to discuss opportunities and to answer questions about the state of our forests. Read speakers bios, review their presentation materials, and see photos from the conference here.

Evergreen Forests News and Stories

Rethinking Rural in Washington

WEC’s Evergreen Forests team attended the Rethinking Rural Symposium in Port Townsend – here’s what they learned!

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The Olympic Experimental State Forest

A walk through the Olympic Experimental State Forest shows us that achieving the right balance between generating money from tree harvest and setting them aside for conservation is complex — and no one expects this to be easy.

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Forestry In Focus

Our forests store more carbon than most forests across the globe, but how will we achieve sustainable, ecological management of our forests while meeting our state’s timber needs?

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