The Voter Education Program (VEP) builds strategic power for the environmental movement by utilizing data-driven engagement of members, voters, volunteers, grassroots activists, coalition partners, and their members to protect Washington’s environment.

Our grassroots organizers work year round to engage voters on environmental issues, ballot initiatives and elected officials’ positions on issues. We create opportunities to lobby legislators and participate in the policy making process, and focus on a concerted Get Out the Vote effort as each election nears.

Voter Education

During legislative session and election season, the Voter Education Program educates voters on issues and initiatives that impact our communities and environment.

Organizing & Mobilizing

We build power for the environmental movement through our field organizing, grassroots engagement, and internship program, all which empower people to speak up on issues that matter to them, as well as attend hearings and other civic engagement opportunities.

Data Services

Using strategies like list enhancement, targeted voter file lists, green scores, and modeling, WEC builds powerful, cutting-edge tools for our work and our partnerships.

Civic Engagement Testing

We are expanding our community of environmental voters by working to reach and engage the Rising American Electorate and Communities of Color.

Educating Voters News and Stories

The Environmental Movement Grapples with Social Justice in the Age of Trump

You really can’t silo off environmental protection and environmental degradation from how people are doing economically.

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WEC Statement on I-732

We support putting a price on carbon pollution, but it needs to be the right approach for Washington.

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We Can’t Achieve Environmental Progress Alone

Working with groups that champion environmental justice in communities of color puts us on a path to protect our environment for all.

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Join the Legislative Rapid Response Team!

How will you help advance environmental priorities in our state legislature this year? Stay involved and get updates as part of our Rapid Response Team!

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