Through organizing the grassroots and engaging voters, WEC builds a base of environmental activists large enough to advance transformational environmental policy. Our organizing is responsive, relational, ambitious, and grounded in data-driven best practices. We invest in communities and individuals to grow environmental activists of the future, so that we meet the needs of today while preparing for the challenges of tomorrow.

Our work engages voters on environmental issues, ballot initiatives, and elected officials’ positions on issues. We create opportunities to lobby legislators and participate in the policy making process, and focus on a concerted Get Out the Vote effort as each election nears.

Coalitions and Partnerships

Through working with partners and in broad based coalitions, we demonstrate that a healthy environment is good for the economy and that environmentalists come from all classes, races, and geographies. We challenge ourselves to advance solutions that provide environmental, economic, and social benefits, in which we and our partners are deeply and mutually invested.

Community Organizing and Mobilizing

We build power for the environmental movement through our community organizing, mobilizing people to speak up on issues that matter to them, as well as attend hearings and other civic engagement opportunities.


We foster engagement and reach broader audiences through transcending our usual way of interacting. WEC lets data and facts guide our work to achieve communication that is creative and accessible to all Washingtonians.

Civic Engagement and Voting Access

We work with partners to make voting and civic engagement increasing accessible with the goal of engaging more Washingtonians in democracy every year.

Educating Voters News and Stories

Vote No on I-976

Initiative 976 would slash 4 billion dollars of funding from cities and counties across the state

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After I-1631, the fight against Big Oil continues

The large, diverse coalition that came together in support of this equitable, effective climate policy represents a big step forward for building a more powerful climate action movement.

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Initiative 1631: How Far We’ve Come

Election Day 2018 is tomorrow! As we do final Get Out The Vote work, I want to say thank you for your support and hard work to pass the Clean Air Clean Energy ballot measure, Initiative 1631. It has been a whirlwind of a campaign. I-1631 has been the hardest-fought ballot measure campaign in Washington … Continued

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Find your role with WEC by volunteering!

We count on volunteers like you to fight for an equitable and clean environment and want to work with you to find the volunteer opportunity that fits your skill sets and interests.

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