Here in Washington we are already experiencing the impacts of dirty climate pollution – from more frequent and hotter fires to record-breaking temperatures to loss of species to warmer waters. We feel the urgency to act. WEC is committed to just and equitable climate action for all Washingtonians. We work to reduce dangerous climate pollution and do so in a way that results in cleaner air and water as well as increased economic opportunities especially in rural areas. Fundamental to our long-term vision is the goal of deepening and sustaining a robust and diverse climate movement in our state. Our goals are to limit climate pollution, maximize energy savings, stop new fossil fuel infrastructure, and transition to clean energy.

Maximize Energy Savings

We’re working to remove barriers and provide incentives for the efficient use of energy, especially in buildings. We will pursue policies that make energy saving the go-to source of new energy.

Transition to Clean Energy

To transition to clean sources of electricity generation, we support using renewable energy and greater efficiencies in a way that is just, equitable, and affordable.

Climate Clean Energy News and Stories

Washington Communities Applaud Governor Inslee’s Opposition to Fracked Gas Projects

Washington environmental, public health, and community organizations praised ​Governor Jay Inslee’s announcement opposing continued construction of Puget Sound Energy’s proposed liquefied natural gas plant in Tacoma and Northwest Innovation Works’ proposed fracked gas-to-methanol production facility in Kalama.

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Event to celebrate Washington State taking significant climate action in 2019

Washington State takes significant climate action in 2019! Governor Inslee will be signing legislation, including the strongest clean electricity bill in the nation.

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2019 Washington Legislative Session Sees Historic Environmental Wins

From clean energy to orca protection state marks more progress than any time in the last decade

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Washington must stand up to the Trans Mountain Pipeline

Tell the Canadian government TODAY that Washingtonians stand in opposition to the Trans Mountain Pipeline.

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