We work to move the dial on state policy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by setting scientifically based, effective, and equitable limits and pricing global warming pollution. We do this in order to transition off fossil fuel and to a clean energy economy. To achieve our goals we use legislation, policymaking, ballot measures, legal action. All this work will be aimed at getting us to long-term outcomes that include:

  • Washington meeting or exceeding its 2020 emission reduction commitments, with a path to meeting limits for 2035 and 2050.
  • Achieving an economy-wide cap on carbon that drives emissions reductions through state actions and regional partnerships.
  • Garnering broad support for limiting carbon emissions and investing in the transition to clean, efficient energy as economically beneficial.

We are honored and excited to be partnering with organizations championing Environmental Justice, specifically those communities of color who are already dealing with the impacts of climate change. We are working to remove barriers to participation in order to build a just and sustainable climate movement.

Maximize Energy Savings

We’re working to remove barriers and provide incentives for the efficient use of energy, especially in buildings. We will pursue policies that make energy saving the go-to source of new energy.

Transition to Clean Energy

To help transition our state to a clean energy future, we work to increase economically-smart renewable energy development in Washington and increase the use of renewable energy relative to fossil fuels.

Climate Clean Energy News and Stories

Budget Deal Includes Action on Climate and Closing Oil Loophole

Clean Air Rule funding and the Big Oil Loophole closure are two bright spots in this budget that are good for the people of Washington.

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Seattle City Light Continues Preparing for Climate Change

“It is our responsibility to ensure that our electricity system continues to produce reliable, low-cost power regardless of how the climate changes,.”

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Investing In Communities By Putting A Price On Carbon Pollution

As we face rollbacks in environmental protections and clean energy programs at the federal level, we know that Washington can, and must, push forward to act on climate.

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Ask your elected officials to commit to local climate action

We’re asking local elected officials to sign on to a letter to Governor Inslee to thank him for his leadership in the wake of the withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord. 

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