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Golden Gardens - Credit cleverdame105For decades, People For Puget Sound and WEC worked together to pass essential legislation to protect and restore the nation’s largest estuary by volume and adjacent watersheds that feed and sustain the Sound. Today, People For Puget Sound’s mission lives on at WEC, and we are dedicated to passing and defending legislation to restore Puget Sound to health.

WEC provided leadership to create new laws to remove derelict vessels that threaten to spill oil and fuel into our waterways, fix leaking septic systems, and promote transparency for changing oil transportation patterns. We have also successfully defended against harmful changes to critical environmental laws, from stopping legislation that would fast-track a dangerous “Pit to Pier” gravel conveyance project in Hood Canal to proposals to weaken our State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) and prevent the public and decision makers from having essential information to make smart choices.

In addition to policy legislation, WEC provides expertise and strategic advocacy to help shape a state budget that funds important programs and projects to recover Puget Sound to health. Through these efforts, we have successfully secured hundreds of millions of dollars for green infrastructure projects to reduce toxic stormwater runoff, clean up contaminated sites, prevent toxic pollution from entering waterways, protect and restore essential marine and freshwater habitat, and support recovery for species like salmon, steelhead, herring, orcas. These funding priorities provide far reaching benefits from reducing exposure to harmful pollution to creating jobs to improving the quality of life that makes the Evergreen State a great place to live.

We don’t do it alone. WEC relies on partnerships with federal, tribal, state, and local governments as well as community organizations, environmental nonprofits, technical experts and practitioners, businesses, and labor unions. We also depend heavily on strong public support to make positive change for current and future generations.

Please join us to stay up to date on the latest legislative priorities for WEC’s People For Puget Sound Program and learn how you can help!

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