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WEC sees our state forests as more than just sources of timber revenue. Trees help clean our air and water, sequester carbon, and provide critical habitat for some of our most vulnerable wildlife.

Washington’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR) manages 2.1 million acres of public forestlands. We engage with the agency and the Board of Natural Resources, which sets the policies that guide DNR, on a variety of decisions to ensure that scientifically sound, forward-thinking management practices are implemented on these lands to keep our forests and communities healthy and conserve vital habitat for threatened and endangered species in the face of the climate crisis. This includes engagement on marbled murrelet conservation and the Sustainable Harvest Calculation.

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A Carbon Policy for State Forestlands

We submitted a request to the Board of Natural Resources to adopt a carbon policy that guides how the state manages public forests in the face of the climate crisis.

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State of Our Forests Report

The State of Our Forests and Public Lands report looks back on the Commissioner of Public Land’s past year in office to reflect on where progress has been made, where work still needs to be done, and where things need improvement.

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Press release on state forestland litigation

Conservation Northwest, Olympic Forest Coalition, Washington Environmental Council and local individuals filed complaint calling on the Department of Natural Resources to manage public forests for the public good, including diverse economic and environmental values, in accordance with the state constitution.

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Response to Marbled Murrelet Conservation Strategy Decision

For years, WEC has been engaged in the state’s process of adopting a long-term conservation strategy for the marbled murrelet on state forestlands. Read our response to the Board of Natural Resources’ adoption of an insufficient plan.

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