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Climate hearingThrough policy expertise, grassroots organizing, and strategic and effective advocacy, WEC and our many partners have worked to pass legislation, defend broadly supported clean energy laws, and secure funding for innovative clean energy and energy efficiency needs that provide a foundation for transitioning to a new clean energy economy.

In 2008, WEC was instrumental in passing legislation that put the state on a path to reduce climate pollution. We’ve also worked to pass and defend Washington’s clean energy laws (I-937) and secure millions of dollars for energy efficiency improvements in homes and public buildings as well as cutting edge clean energy technologies.

Over the years, we’ve learned the value of building broad-based coalitions with diverse expertise to shape an effective and equitable climate policy that reduces harmful health impacts, trains and transitions workers to be competitive in a 21st Century economy, invests in new technologies, and guards our natural resources from the increasingly dangerous and devastating impacts from climate change.

Now is the time for bold action by state leaders to move Washington forward. If we fail to act, the Evergreen State will face unprecedented public health threats, incur billions of dollars just to respond to extreme weather events and disasters, and fall behind as other states and countries transition to a clean energy economy.

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