2022 Carbon Friendly Forestry Conference

The conference returns as a virtual, two-day event this fall on December 7th and 8th.

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As always, the conference will aim to explore and discuss the intersections of forest management, communities, climate change and more in West Coast working forests. We are still figuring out many details, including formats and times of the conference sessions. The sessions will not take up entire days but will instead be spaced out over two days to reduce time demands and videocall fatigue for participants. We recommend marking these dates on your calendar as we work out further scheduling details.

Registration will likely open in September, and we will make more details available as planning progresses.

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WEC hosts the Carbon Friendly Forestry Conference, bringing together diverse thinkerspolicy makers, academics, conservationists, tribal representatives and staff, forest owners, and business leadersto feature approaches to forestry that sustain both ecological integrity and community wellbeing. We invite you to join us in an event that centers the management of the West Coast’s working forests around sustainability, equity, and resilience in the time of the climate crisis.

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Past Conferences

You can find recordings, information, and materials from previous years below.

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Event Contact

Rachel Baker, Forest Program Director