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Say hello to CONVENEour new biannual print publication where we share stories to foster a deeper understanding of the complex and interlocking issues that inform our work here at WEC.

We know that the issues that threaten our environment and communities are systemic, and affect sprawling parts of our society, geographies, and ecologies. Through the stories we tell in CONVENE, we hope to draw connections and demystify the real impact of the progress we are pushing for at the state and local level!

In our winter 2020 issue, the featured article, “The Hidden Price of Toxic Pollution,” looked at the far-reaching impacts of community coming together to tackle the detrimental issue of toxic pollution.

We also featured our sponsor partner, PCC, for their efforts to develop an updated Chinook Sourcing Standard, an acknowledgment of the Brainerd Foundation’s role in supporting WEC’s work, as well as investments in the larger environmental community for the last 25 years; and some behind-the-scenes updates from our virtual offices.

When you make a donation of $35 or more, you will receive the full print version of CONVENE twice a year to see what work was made possible through your contribution.

Read the 2020 Winter Issue below!

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