We celebrate Orca Month in the Pacific Northwest in June! Orca Month is a chance to honor one of our region’s most iconic wildlife species while highlighting the plight of orcas — and how, as humans, our health is dependent on the health of these majestic creatures. 

This year’s theme, “We are Family,” illustrates the parallels between Southern Resident orca families and human families, while also recognizing whales’ individual community and unique culture. 

Join us for a month of educational and celebratory virtual events to raise awareness of the threats facing our Southern Resident orca population and what you can do to protect them.

Visit the Orca Month website and Facebook page for events and activities. Virtual and in-person events require advanced registration. Also be sure to follow us on Instagram for engaging orca posts and daily actions you can take that support orca recovery.

Check out the events planned for this month — including a We Are Puget Sound webinar and Seattle kayak tours with our very own WEC/WCV staff every Saturday in June!