About the Coalition

The Environmental Priorities Coalition is a network of over 20 leading environmental groups in Washington state that influence policy at the state level. We know that you support protections for people’s health and this place we call home, and our elected leaders are starting to respond. Working together, we can create a model for the nation and a true legacy for generations to come. Download a flyer about the 2017 legislative priorities, or check out our bill tracker.

2017 Environmental Priorities

Water for People, Farms, and Fish

We’ve known for many years that communities need 21st Century solutions for a balanced, reliable, and sustainable water supply. The Supreme Court recently held in its Hirst decision that new housing developments should not move forward where there is no legal and practical access to safe drinking water, or where providing safe drinking water will hurt flows in rivers and streams that wildlife, habitat, and senior water rights depend on. This Priority provides needed solutions that protect fish, farms, and homebuyers. The bill also requires planning for population growth in a way that protects instream flows and provides long-term reliability for providing clean, safe water to our homes and farms. Download a flyer about this priority.

Oil Transportation Safety

Oil transportation safety risks continue to threaten the safety of our communities, the health of our environment, and local economies. The urgency is now greater with the approval of the Kinder Morgan pipeline that would increase tanker traffic by 700% through the Salish Sea, a $4 million funding shortfall for existing protections, more and more oil moving through pipelines, and the threat of more export terminals that make Washington a target for more dangerous oil shipments. To guard against these risks, state leaders can pass legislation to protect iconic waters like Puget Sound, ensure sustainable funding for oil spill prevention and response, and address risks posed by pipelines. Download a flyer about this priority.

Reducing Toxic Pollution in All Communities

The voter-approved Model Toxics Control Act (MTCA) has been a successful law dedicated to cleaning up of toxic waste sites; preventing the use of harmful chemicals in products and manufacturing; controlling pollution to protect water quality; and supporting the participation of local communities in addressing toxic pollution threats. The law relies on funding from a hazardous substance tax, which is one of the most volatile revenue sources in the state budget. This Priority will help solve a $75 million shortfall that threatens to stall work to reduce harmful pollution and impose a tax surcharge to ensure funding is more stable and predictable in the future. Download a flyer about this priority.

Hot List

During the state legislative session, WEC helps develop the Environmental Community Hot List for the State House and Senate—the 10 most important environmental bills being debated that week.

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Past Priorities Report

Washington’s leading groups have worked for years to make our state a better place to live – view a report that analyzes our past priorities for successes and lessons learned.

Environmental Priorities Coalition News

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