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The Environmental Priorities Coalition is a network of over 20 leading environmental groups in Washington state that influence policy at the state level. We know that you support protections for people’s health and this place we call home, and our elected leaders are starting to respond. Working together, we can create a model for the nation and a true legacy for generations to come.

2018 Environmental Priorities

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Hot List

During the state legislative session, WEC helps develop the Environmental Community Hot List for the State House and Senate—the 10 most important environmental bills being debated that week.

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Past Priorities Report

Washington’s leading groups have worked for years to make our state a better place to live – view a report that analyzes our past priorities for successes and lessons learned.

Environmental Priorities Coalition News

Talking Toxics | Part 2: Toxic-Free Affordable Housing

Innovative projects are using state funding from the toxics law to clean up legacy pollution and then build urgently needed affordable housing.

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Talking Toxics | Part 1: Funding in Crisis

Over the last decade, the legislature has both raided MTCA funds to pay for other state programs and overspent MTCA dollars, putting the future of the law at risk.

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Session Ending with Key Environmental Protections Left Undone

A divided Legislature ending without passing budget essential for communities and the environment.

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Join our Legislative Session Rapid Response team to receive updates and opportunities to stand up for a clean and healthy environment in your community, in Olympia, and online or over the phones.

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