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June 2017

Dear Governor Inslee:

Thank you for your leadership on climate action in the wake of President Trump’s disappointing withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord. As local government leaders across the state, we see first-hand the disruption and burdens climate change imposes on our communities. From the threat of wildfires to water shortages to flooding to air pollution impacts, we are deeply concerned about our future and want to see strong action at the state, federal, and international levels.

We stand in solidarity with you and remain committed to the important carbon pollution limits set by the Paris Accord. We also stand with you to take bold state action that helps keep our communities safe and better positioned for economic prosperity in the emerging clean energy economy. Please let us know how we can support you and other leaders across the country as we move forward on addressing climate change and its many harmful and costly impacts.

We support the following principles to guide local and state action to fill the void left by the federal Administration. These principles will ensure we effectively reduce carbon emissions while supporting disproportionately impacted communities and businesses.

We support reducing carbon pollution and promoting just and sustainable, broadly shared prosperity by:

  • Supporting the development of homegrown clean energy businesses that create good jobs in rural and urban communities;
  • Prioritizing the protection of communities disproportionately harmed by carbon pollution and supporting fossil fuel workers and their communities in the transition to clean energy
  • Transitioning from coal power to clean energy sources;
  • Providing consumers with affordable, cleaner, and more efficient fuel and energy choices; and
  • Holding polluters responsible for the true price we all pay for carbon pollution in our economy.

We stand ready to implement climate actions that are rooted in these principles, and we are eager to join a team of leaders nationwide that are committed to keeping our state and our country on track to be a clean energy leader.

Thank you for your consistent leadership, both here in Washington and beyond, on climate change. We know that our state can and will demonstrate the path towards an equitable clean energy future that will benefit our communities for current and future generations.


Councilmember Eric Johnson City of Anacortes

Councilmember Pinky Vargas City of Bellingham

Councilmember Liz Lovelett City of Anacortes

Commissioner Mike McAuley Port of Bellingham

Councilmember Erica Pickett City of Anacortes

Deputy Mayor Nancy Tosta City of Burien

Councilmember Ryan Walters City of Anacortes

Commissioner Mark Ozia Clallam County

Mayor Val Tollefson City of Bainbridge Island

Mayor Dave Earling City of Edmonds

Councilmember Kol Medina City of Bainbridge Island

Councilmember Diane Buckshnis City of Edmonds

Councilmember Ron Peltier City of Bainbridge Island

Councilmember Adrienne Fraley-Monillas City of Edmonds

Councilmember Wayne Roth City of Bainbridge Island

Councilmember Kristiana Johnson City of Edmonds

Councilmember Michael Scott City of Bainbridge Island

Councilmember Mike Nelson City of Edmonds

Mayor Kelli Linville City of Bellingham

Councilmember Dave Teitzel City of Edmonds

Councilmember April Barker City of Bellingham

Councilmember Neil Tibbott City of Edmonds

Councilmember Terry Bornemann City of Bellingham

Mayor Ray Stephanson City of Everett

Councilmember Dan Hammill City of Bellingham

Councilmember Scott Murphy City of Everett

Councilmember Michael Lilliquist City of Bellingham

Councilmember Paul Roberts City of Everett

Deputy Mayor Jeanne Burbidge City of Federal Way

Councilmember Larry Gossett King County

Councilmember Martin Moore City of Federal Way

Councilmember Jeanne Kohl-Welles King County

Mayor Fred Butler City of Issaquah

Councilmember Joe McDermott King County

Commissioner Helen Price Johnson Island County

Councilmember Dave Upthegrove King County

Commissioner Kate Dean Jefferson County

Mayor Amy Walen City of Kirkland

Commissioner Kathleen Kler Jefferson County

Deputy Mayor Jay Arnold City of Kirkland

Councilmember Tina Budell City of Kent

Councilmember Doreen Marchione City of Kirkland

Councilmember Dennis Higgins City of Kent

Councilmember Penny Sweet City of Kirkland

Executive Dow Constantine King County

Commissioner Charlotte Garrido Kitsap County

Councilmember Claudia Balducci King County

Commissioner Rob Gelder Kitsap County

Councilmember Rod Dembowski King County

Mayor Andy Ryder City of Lacey

Deputy Mayor Cynthia Pratt City of Lacey

Councilmember Randy Lord City of Mukilteo

Councilmember Virgil Clarkson City of Lacey

Mayor Don Stevens City of North Bonneville

Councilmember Mark Phillips City of Lake Forest Park

Mayor Crystal Dingler City of Ocean Shores

Mayor Bruce Bassett City of Mercer Island

Mayor Cheryl Selby City of Olympia

Deputy Mayor Debbie Bertlin City of Mercer Island

Mayor Pro-Tem Nathaniel Jones City of Olympia

Councilmember Dan Grausz City of Mercer Island

Councilmember Jessica Bateman City of Olympia

Councilmember Salim Nice City of Mercer Island

Councilmember Jim Cooper City of Olympia

Councilmember Wendy Weiker City of Mercer Island

Councilmember Clark Gilman City of Olympia

Councilmember David Wisenteiner City of Mercer Island

Councilmember Jeannine Roe City of Olympia

Councilmember Benson Wong City of Mercer Island

Commissioner E.J. Zita Port of Olympia

Mayor Jennifer Gregerson City of Mukilteo

Councilmember Connie Ladenburg Pierce County

Councilmember Derek Young Pierce County

Councilmember Bruce Harrell City of Seattle

Mayor Deborah Stinson City of Port Townsend

Councilmember Lisa Herbold City of Seattle

Councilmember David Faber City of Port Townsend

Councilmember Debora Juarez City of Seattle

Councilmember Amy Howard City of Port Townsend

Councilmember Rob Johnson City of Seattle

Councilmember Angela Birney City of Redmond

Councilmember Mike O’Brien City of Seattle

Councilmember Hank Margeson City of Redmond

Councilmember Kshama Sawant City of Seattle

Councilmember Ryan McIrvin City of Renton

Commissioner Stephanie Bowman Port of Seattle

Councilmember Kathleen Huckabay City of Sammamish

Commissioner John Creighton Port of Seattle

Councilmember Kathryn Campbell City of Sea-Tac

Commissioner Fred Felleman Port of Seattle

Councilmember Sally Bagshaw City of Seattle

Commissioner Courtney Gregoire Port of Seattle

Councilmember Tim Burgess City of Seattle

Mayor Chris Roberts City of Shoreline

Councilmember Lorena Gonzalez City of Seattle

Deputy Mayor Shari Winstead City of Shoreline

Councilmember Will Hall City of Shoreline

Mayor Marilyn Strickland City of Tacoma

Councilmember Doris McConnell City of Shoreline

Councilmember Anders Ibsen City of Tacoma

Councilmember Jesse Salomon City of Shoreline

Councilmember Ryan Mello City of Tacoma

Councilmember Keith Scully City of Shoreline

Councilmember David Watterson City of Tenino

Commissioner Steve Omdal Port of Skagit

Councilmember De’Sean Quinn City of Tukwila

Commissioner Bill Schuler Port of Skagit

Mayor Pete Kmet City of Tumwater

Commissioner Kevin Ware Port of Skagit

Councilmember Joan Cathey City of Tumwater

Executive Dave Somers Snohomish County

Councilmember Nicole Hill City of Tumwater

Councilmember Brian Sullivan Snohomish County

Councilmember Neal McClanahan City of Tumwater

Councilmember Stephanie Wright Snohomish County

Councilmember Tom Oliva City of Tumwater

Councilmember Lori Kinnear City of Spokane

Councilmember Debbie Sullivan City of Tumwater

Councilmember Ben Stuckart City of Spokane

Councilmember Eileen Swarthout City of Tumwater

Councilmember Amber Walderf City of Spokane

Councilmember Anne McNerny-Ogle City of Vancouver

Councilmember Amy Weissfeld City of Stevenson

Councilmember Alishia Topper City of Vancouver

Commissioner Eric LaBrant Port of Vancouver

Councilmember Todd Donovan Whatcom County

Councilmember Barbara Clark City of Walla Walla

Councilmember Ken Mann Whatcom County

Councilmember Joyce Lindsay City of Washougal

Councilmember Carl Weimer Whatcom County

Councilmember Susan Boundy-Sanders City of Woodinvillle

Assistant Mayor Carmen Mendez City of Yakima

Councilmember Paula Waters City of Woodinville

Councilmember Holly Cousens City of Yakima

Councilmember Barry Buchanan Whatcom County

Councilmember Avina Gutierrez City of Yakima