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On October 30, 2018, we brought together diverse thinkers – policy makers, academics, conservationists, tribal representatives, forest owners, and business leaders – to learn about and discuss innovative strategies and opportunities for sustainable forest management that can create a stronger economy and healthier communities in a changing climate.

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Opening Remarks:

Laurie Wayburn

Panel 1: Natural & Working Lands Climate Alliance – Washington Delegation

Cody Desautel, Jason Callahan, Lisa Remlinger, Mike Warjone, Reed Schuler, Ted Sturdevant, Moderated by Peter Riggs

Panel 2: Markets & Incentives for Improved Forest Management

Aaron Fairchild, Jacob Dunn, Paul Vanderford, Stacy Smedley, Moderated by Don Davies

Breakout Session 1a: Using Climate Science to ‘Pre-Store’ Forests for Resilient Carbon Gains

Jad Daley

Breakout Session 1b: Forest Landowners on Land Management in a Changing Climate

Andrea Watts

John Henrikson

Breakout Session 2a: Wildfires: Forestry & Community Impacts

Malcolm North

Mayor Soo Ing-Moody

Breakout Session 2b: Carbon Markets & Offset Projects

Cody Desautel

John Nickerson

Breakout Session 3a: Forest Management Planning, Climate Change & Ecosystem Services Accreditation

Jerry BigEagle & Ed Knight

Breakout Session 3b: Opportunities for Forest Investment Through Carbon Pricing Policies: Washington & Oregon Examples

Dylan Kruse

Max Webster

State & Local Perspectives on Forest Management Opportunities

Skamania County Commissioner Tom Lannen, State Representative Mike Chapman

Closing Remarks

Commissioner of Public Lands Hilary Franz