A call to action for Puget Sound in light of potential Trump Administration cuts to federal Puget Sound funding

Cutting federal funding for Puget Sound protection by 93% is unacceptable. Last week’s news that the Trump Administration would cut the EPA by 25% was devastating to all those who care about the health and safety of our communities. We then learned that those cuts would hit places like Puget Sound the hardest. Similar programs across the nation, from San Francisco Bay to Chesapeake Bay are being slashed by more than 90%. These misinformed ideas do not reflect the economic and cultural values of Puget Sound, and the cuts would severely undermine regional recovery efforts.

Washington cannot take these funding cuts without a fight. This is all the more reason why we need durable and strategic state and local funding sources for Puget Sound protection and recovery.

More and more people are getting involved and standing up for what we believe in – maybe the only upside to these short-sighted decisions. While we are fortunate to live in a region with a cultural connection to our shared waters and all that depend on it, we can no longer be complacent.

We will not save Puget Sound by hoping for it – we need to act. We will continue to roll out actions each week for people like you to get involved. Here’s how you can help:

5 ways you can stand up for Puget Sound:

  1. Talk to your state legislators about why we must adequately fund Puget Sound protection and recovery at the state level. State support for natural resources programs as a whole and Puget Sound protections specifically has declined dramatically over the past several years. Right now, we have the opportunity in our state legislature to fund toxic clean up and prevention for sites all across our state, including Puget Sound. Take action here.
  2. Become an informed activist. WEC and our partners at Latino Community Fund are partnering to offer an online training on how to influence political processes, no matter what your interests. You can find our first training on phonebanking, rallying, and amplifying your voice here, and our second one on being a town hall activist here.
  3. Thank the Congressional Puget Sound caucus for championing our region at the national level. They have their work cut out for them, and saying “thank you” is important. Click here to remind them that you have their backs.
  4. Thank a federal employee. We need them to remain in their jobs, which will not be easy for the next few years. They need our support. Sign our open letter to federal employees here.
  5. Join the conversation and share your ideas. Each week we will identify one action you can take to work with us on durable solutions for Puget Sound. Let’s reinvigorate approaches for Puget Sound recovery, from the state legislature to federal engagement to grassroots activism. We at the People For Puget Sound Program of WEC, along with our partners and allies, are fighting for Puget Sound at the national, state, and local levels. Click here to join the conversation.