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Mobilize the Public

Every year WEC works to engage thousands of people to make a difference

At WEC,  we work to mobilize people in a smart and strategic manner - getting the right message to the necessary decision-makers at the key time.

Sometimes it's a matter of numbers - like when we teamed up over 20 organizations to get hundreds of people to call the Governor's office and reject attempts by big corporations to get her to veto a recently passed Toxic Free Toys bill.

Another day it is a question of the precision and less about the force of numbers... like when WEC organized getting a small handful of personal letters from some key local business owners, farmers, and school officials in support of our Local Farms - Healthy Kids legislation delivered to targeted members of the legislature.

The inside knowledge and experience to know what needs to happen. The deep relationships and reputation to be able to make it happen, when it needs to happen. That is one of the many things that makes WEC successful.

You too can be part of this effort. We are always looking for new partners. Contact our Organizer, Nicole Keenan to see how you can help. You never know, next time you might be the one person who makes the difference between winning and losing.

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