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Engage Decision Makers

What sort of future do you want to live in? Decision makers, by the very nature of their position, hold our future in their hands. Their choices will determine the future we live in - how much things costs, what opportunities there are for  getting a job, how our kids are educated.

climate action bill signingSo every year, for the last 40 years, WEC has been engaging decision makers so they make better choices. Better choices about what our laws should be, how those laws should be funded and enforced. (A recent example  is all the work done on the Climate Action and Green Jobs law - photo of bill being signed into law by Governor Gregoire in March, 2008.)

We do this work because the future we believe in is one where people have clean water and clear air. It is a future where the climate is stabilized so that everyone on the planet can have at least some sense that the place we all call home is OK.  It is a future where water and energy are efficiently used and where natural areas and wildlife are protected.

WEC engages these decision makers in many ways to work toward this future. And you are a part of that work.

  • Bring together the environmental community around focused, strategic and timely proposals so we all can make more positive change
  • Generate media attention
  • Develop policy initiatives to improve people's lives. Check out this video on our e-recycling program.
  • Facilitate face-to-face meetings with legislators and others.
  • Help organize the annual environmental Lobby Day in the state Capitol.
  • Hold workshops/trainings/events for people to learn skills and meet others who are making a difference.
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