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What You Can Do

Top Five Things You Need to Know About Voting

Top Four Things You Need to Know About Voting 

1. When we vote, we make our voice heard  

The decisions elected officials make, from the Governor’s office to local city councils, affect our quality of life. These public figures shape how we travel to work or school, what our community looks like, and how clean our drinking water is. Voting allows our voices to be heard. 

2. Find out if your registration is up to date 

As voters, we make a powerful statement about what we think our community should look like every time we fill out our ballot.  The easiest, most effective way you can make a difference for the environment is making sure your registration is up to date or registering to vote – and voting in every election. 

3. Mail or drop your ballot in ballot boxes. 

Mail your ballot with a first class stamp. Or, find a ballot drop box near you by visiting the Secretary of State’s website, finding your county, and using the list of official ballot drop boxes. 

4. Get Informed 

Learn about the issues on your ballot by visiting your County Auditor's website and reading your local voter guide pamphlet.


Want to get involved even more?  Contact Voter Education Program Manager Shannon Murphy at shannon at or 206-631-2628.

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