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About the Voter Education Program

Learn more about the Voter Education Program, why this work matters, and who to contact about the program.

The nonpartisan Voter Education Program is a distinct program within Washington Environmental Council that specializes in voter engagement and capacity building for Washington’s environmental community.

Working with our partners at Washington Conservation Voters, the Voter Education Program has educated, informed, and mobilized voters year-round since 1993.  These programs have established a national reputation for our research and program development to build a lasting environmental movement.


Why this work matters

Elected officials, from the Governor’s office to local city councils, make policy decisions every day that affect our quality of life. These public figures shape how we travel to work or school, what our community looks like, and how clean our drinking water is. 

As voters, we have a say in who represents us. The choices we make on our ballot have a lasting impact on the environment that ultimately affects the quality of our air, land, water, and community.  The Voter Education Program believes that an engaged, educated electorate is the key for a lasting environmental movement.


Staff contact

To learn more about the Voter Education Program or how you can support our work, contact Voter Education and Outreach Director Cathy Lehman at cathy at or 206-631-2607.

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