WEC’s People For Puget Sound program is dedicated to protecting and restoring Puget Sound to health. Puget Sound is the largest estuary in the country by volume, rich with ecological diversity. The region is also the lifeblood for urban and rural communities that rely on the Sound for economic opportunity and a high quality of life. However, Puget Sound’s cherished natural beauty conceals its rapidly deteriorating health. Recovering the Sound will require broad collaboration, innovative approaches, and a long-term commitment.

For the past twenty years, People For Puget Sound and WEC have worked together to protect the Sound, as separate organizations and now with People For Puget Sound as a program of WEC. We helped establish the Puget Sound Partnership, forced the Department of Ecology to adopt stronger permits to curb polluted runoff, secured some of the nation’s strongest oil spill prevention and response safeguards for marine waters, updated the Shoreline Management Act, pushed for statewide funding of clean water projects and toxic cleanups, and much more. These accomplishments provide the foundation for our continued focus on clean water, oil safety, and a healthy and productive habitat for orcas, salmon, and the many species who call Puget Sound home.

People For Puget Sound News and Stories

What’s at Stake: One Law, 27 Years, 6,600 Sites Cleaned Up

This 1988 law has helped clean up roughly 6,600 toxic sites, equal to about one cleanup completed every other day. But today, it’s at risk.

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Times of Great Change & Great Opportunity: Working Together to Protect Puget Sound

Now more than ever, we need to protect and restore Puget Sound and the waters that feed it.

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Environmental groups applaud EPA’s preliminary affirmative decision regarding a Puget Sound No Discharge Zone

Keeping ship and boat sewage out of Puget Sound is good for wildlife and human health

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Say Thanks to Puget Sound Leaders!

Send a quick note to our state leaders to let them know why protecting Puget Sound is so important.

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