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April 13 - Hot List for the State House

Read the April 13 Hot list for the State House for updated movement on the bill to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that was formerly Cap and Invest, plus action on the Efficiency First and Invest in Clean Water Priorities.


SHB 1614: Reducing the amount of petroleum pollution in stormwater (a.k.a. Invest in Clean Water).

•As the conversation around the state budget intensifies, there is growing momentum behind this bill as an immediate, substantive and achievable win for the environment, jobs and local governments.

•By imposing a fee on petroleum products that contribute to stormwater pollution, this bill would raise over $100 million in new funds that can be used for improved water quality in Puget Sound and across Washington. This polluter-pays approach could fund job-creating infrastructure projects in every district in the state.

ESSB 5583: Improving the effectiveness of water bank and exchange provisions.


•A water bank, administered through the Trust Water Rights Program, is a mechanism that provides flexibility for supplying water to instream and out-of-stream demands and protects a water right holder from relinquishment while the water is managed through the bank.

•This bill clarifies how a water bank operates and provides a consistent statewide system for managing banked water.

E2SSB 5735: Reducing greenhouse gas emissions (a.k.a. formerly Cap and Invest).


•It is critical this year to keep moving Washington forward in reducing dependence on fossil fuels and making real progress toward the 2020 emissions limits committed to in last year’s Climate Action and Green Jobs law.

•We support this bill moving forward, to be strengthened on the House floor to make clearer progress toward meeting Washington’s 2020 emissions limits. Key pieces of a bill we can support are measures to make Washington less-dependent on dirty coal power and taking steps to give people more transportation choices.

2SSB 5854: Reducing climate pollution in the built environment (a.k.a. Efficiency First).


•This modest investment by the state, which is included in the Senate Operating budget, will save the public and private sector money through savings in utility bills, will stimulate our economy, improve our buildings, create jobs in energy efficiency services, and increase accountability that will help WA receive additional federal stimulus dollars.

•This bill has will reduce greenhouse gas pollution reduction by 30 million metric tons through 2020. Please pass this important policy and get the bill to the Governor’s desk to sign.

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