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WEC builds power for the environmental movement in Washington. We bring the environmental community together through the Environmental Priorities Coalition. Each year, over 20 groups that make up the Coalition select up to four issues to advance in the state legislature. Will you join us in the environmental movement and stand up to protect our beautiful Washington state?

As with each legislative session, the Coalition has selected priority issues for 2015 that are important to protecting our state for future generations: making big industries pay for their pollution in order to reduce emissions that harm our health and environment, and protecting our communities and waterways from the risks of increased oil transport. 


Carbon Pollution Accountability Act

[HB 1314 | SB 5283]

Washingtonians are doing their part as individuals to keep this state clean, but industries that emit huge amounts of carbon pollution are able to do it without paying a price. Right now we are already paying the price of global warming pollution; from economic losses in the shellfish industry to fiercer and more frequent forest fires, we are seeing impacts close to home. Our Priority is going to ensure Washington is cleaner by:

  • Making polluters pay for carbon emissions
  • Enforcing our state climate laws
  • Reducing harmful emissions in the future 
  • Generating needed revenue to make smart investments across the entire state 

Read more about the Carbon Pollution Accountability Act here.


Oil Transportation Safety Now 

[SB 5087 | HB 1449]

The risk of a spill or disaster from crude oil is growing here in Washington, but our laws were crafted in the 1970s and need to be updated to reflect reality. From highly volatile Bakken crude oil to toxic tar sands, the risks to our communities and waterways are real. Our Priority is going to ensure Washington is safer by:

  • Giving the public information on how oil is moving through our communities
  • Authorizing common sense oil spill prevention measures
  • Ensuring companies carrying oil, not taxpayers, pay for cleaning up all oil spills
  • Providing funding to modernize our system that safeguards communities and waterways

For an update on the work of the Priorities Coalition in past years, please visit our Past Legislation page. 

For more information, or if you have questions, email Cathy Lehman, Voter Education & Outreach Director, at cathy (at) wecprotects.orgIf you want to be the first to know about what's happening this legislative session, sign up to get email alerts from WEC.


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