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WEC was instrumental in passing (and now enforcing) the foundational laws that help keep Washington's environment healthy: the State Environmental Policy Act, the State Superfund Law, the Growth Management Act, and the Shoreline Management Act.

WEC builds power for the environmental movement in Washington. We bring the environmental community together through the Environmental Priorities Coalition. Each year, over 20 groups that make up the Coalition select up to four issues to advance in the state legislature. Thanks to our focused power, we have been able to achieve groundbreaking solutions - from promoting clean  cars and greener buildings to setting responsible limits on climate pollution to eliminating dangerous toxins in children's products.

Environmental Priorities

The Environmental Priorities Coalition is a state-wide effort of leading groups that have worked to make Washington a better place to live since 2002. As with each legislative session, the Coalition has selected priority issues for 2015 that are important to protecting our state for future generations: making big industries pay for their pollution in order to reduce emissions that harm our health and environment, and protecting our communities and waterways from the risks of increased oil transport. Read more about these priorities on our Current Legislation page. Visit our Past Legislation page to explore previous legislative efforts including past Environmental Priorities.


Legislative Hotlist

During the state legislative session, WEC helps develop and distribute the Environmental Community Hot List for the State House and Senate almost every week. The Hot List contains up to 10 of the most important environmental bills being debated that week. We send the Hot List to legislators, staffers, and members of the media. Learn more and view past lists here.

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