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Evergreen Forests

For over 40 years, WEC has worked to protect Washington’s forests for current and future generations. By focusing on state-level policy, we have played a significant role in the adoption and enforcement of Washington State’s most successful forestry laws and protections.

Accountability For Our Forests

Report Card

WEC has been working to ensure sound management of Washington’s forests for over 45 years. Our job is to educate Washingtonians about how public officials are caring for them. The public needs to know whether officials are conserving these important resources or missing the mark. But how has our current Commissioner of Public Lands, Peter Goldmark been doing? View our State of Our Forests report card - an evaluation of Public Lands Commissioner Goldmark’s performance based on his strategic plan and its guiding principles – to find out. 

Evergreen Forests Legacy Work


WEC continues its efforts to ensure that state’s forests are managed sustainably, including encouraging responsible thinning and other innovative forestry practices, which can improve forest habitat. WEC has also secured protections for older forests, which are important to wildlife such as the spotted owl, marbled murrelet, and salmon. Without WEC's work, the state would be clear-cutting far more of our forests and FSC-certified lumber would not be coming off our state's public forests.

For more information about our legacy work on forestry issues, click here.

Growing Our Future Campaign


Because of our legacy work, we've improved the regulatory framework for logging which is an essential foundation for our new forestry agenda. Now we are working toward a new future for Washington’s forests, one that addresses questions like how can we use incentives to take management of Washington’s private forests to the next level of environmental benefit: storing more carbon, providing better wildlife habitat, and helping to keep our water clean. We are excited to embark on this next chapter of forestry advocacy.

For more information about our Growing Our Future Campaign, click here.

For more information, contact Lisa Remlinger, Evergreen Forest Agenda Director, lisa at or 206.631.2615.

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