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Evergreen Forests

For many years, WEC has worked to improve management of Washington's state forests, creating a model of sustainable forestry that protects the environment and benefits all the people of the state.

Now we are working toward a new future for Washington’s forests, one that addresses questions like how can we use incentives to take management of Washington’s private forests to the next level of environmental benefit: storing more carbon, providing better wildlife habitat, and helping to keep our water clean.

We are excited to embark on this next chapter of forestry advocacy.

Current News: 

The Need 

  • Forests on private lands are younger and store less carbon than state and federal lands. 
  • Overharvesting forest in a watershed too quickly causes water quality problems, landslides in the winter, and low flow in the summer.
  • Clear cut, overharvested areas threaten habitat for many wildlife.

Finding Solutions 

  • Allowing forests to grow for longer between cutting cycles and leaving large standing and down dead wood helps us:
    • Regain more natural functions and support more plant and animal species.  
    • Improve water filtration.
    • Increase carbon storage.
    • Produce more harvestable wood on a per acre basis.

How will we do it? Right now, we are: 

  • Working on new, cooperative funding models that can be used to improve forestry and produce other ecosystem benefits.
  • Using pilot projects to explore the feasibility of expanding the new models to more acres of private forestland.
    • Purpose of these pilot projects 
      • Provide clean water, carbon sequestration, and timber products. 
      • Explore how new revenue can improve the management of private forests. 


Want to learn more? Click here. 

For more information on WEC's forest work, please contact Lisa Remlinger lisa at
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