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Environmental Priorities Coalition

An introduction to the Environmental Priorities Coalition

Washington State Capitol Building

The Environmental Priorities Coalition is a state-wide effort of leading groups that have worked to make Washington a better place to live since 2002. 

The Environmental Priorities Coalition believes that we can have a strong economy and a healthy environment that allows our families to prosper in a safe and clean community. Especially in the face of proposals that would turn our Evergreen State into a fossil fuel highway, our leaders in Olympia need to stand up and make smart decisions to protect our environment and communities. The Environmental Priorities Coalition combines the voices of Washington’s strongest environmental organizations and works with the legislature to move us forward. 

2014 Priorities

Each session, the Coalition selects priority issues that are important to protecting our state for future generations and works to pass this common agenda. Starting January 13th, the 2014 session will be 60 days of legislative action. We recognize things move fast in a short session, and that is why we’re presenting the legislature with two straightforward, commonsense opportunities for progress: closing a tax loophole that benefits Big Oil and putting safety standards in place to reduce the risks associated with moving oil through our state and along our coasts. Visit our Current Legislation page to learn more about the 2014 Priorities. 

Get Involved! 60 Days 60 Ways Legislative Action

This legislative session we’re trying something new and exciting. Instead of focusing on one day lobbying in Olympia, we’re going to be interacting with legislators throughout the entire session. We have 60 days and 60 ways for you to help. We know you’re busy and time is limited, so whether it’s volunteering one evening at a phonebank, sharing a post on social media, or attending your local townhall, we’re giving legislators 60 days and you 60 ways to get involved. Visit the Environmental Priorities website to learn more and join the team.

Past Priorities

Visit our Past Legislation page to learn more about the Environmental Priorities from 2013.

 Major Success Stories 

For more information or if you have questions, email Lisa Remlinger, Environmental Priorities Coalition Outreach Director, at lisa (at)


The following organizations make up the Environmental Priorities Coalition.


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