About the Coalition

The Environmental Priorities Coalition is a network of over 20 leading environmental groups in Washington state that influence policy at the state level. We know that you support protections for people’s health and this place we call home, and our elected leaders are starting to respond. Working together, we can create a model for the nation and a true legacy for generations to come.

2016 Environmental Priority

Safeguard Our Environment

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Too many of our cornerstone environmental laws are at risk of being rolled back.

In the face of political division and threats to our essential environmental protections, we’re drawing a line in the sand for clean air, water, and resilient lands by protecting the environmental and public health progress we’ve made together over the years. 

The Safeguard Our Environment priority focuses on protecting critical laws and investments that improve public health, create green jobs, and make Washington a great place to live, work, and play.

4_Clean AirClean Air

An estimated 600,000 people in Washington have asthma, which is among the highest in the nation. Native and low-income communities are the most at risk. Air pollutants produce dangerous substances that harm neighborhoods and waterways. State leaders must protect existing authority and funding resources to continue to deal with the many threats posed by air pollution.


2_Clean EnergyClean Energy

Clean energy development protects our environment and economy. This has resulted in thousands of good, local jobs and saved billions on power bills over the past two decades. Washington’s clean energy heritage and our leadership in clean tech innovation attract business and a talented workforce. Our state’s voter-approved clean energy law, Initiative 937, is responsible for increasing clean energy generation and stimulating ambitious energy efficiency achievements that reduce the monthly utility bills of households and businesses across the state. The law’s renewable energy standards support nearly 150 businesses and more than 4,500 local, family-wage jobs throughout Washington, while current efficiency investments are creating more than 4,660 direct and indirect jobs a year.


3_Clean and Abundant WaterClean & Abundant Water

Water is a precious and finite resource that communities depend on for drinking, fishing, recreation, and many other important services. Unfortunately, our waters are contaminated everyday with a wide range of harmful pollutants, and drought and climate change threaten water supplies for fish and people. Ensuring funding and policies that clean up toxic sites, prevent pollution at its source, and protect instream flows are essential in the face of a state funding crisis and other threats. We also have opportunities this session to adopt efficiency measures that reduce water and energy use so we can waste less of these precious resources.


1_Healthy LandsHealthy Lands

Washington’s beautiful natural environment and accessible public lands are a significant part of our state’s heritage and economy. In 2015, we faced record wildfires, made worse by extreme weather and decades of fire suppression. To reduce risks from wildfires, we need to increase forest resilience and community preparedness in a way that reflects the best-available science. In addition to fire danger, a vocal minority is working to undermine our public lands for their own benefit. We have a responsibility to ensure these public lands are there for future generations – and not allow small groups of special interests to monopolize or misuse them.


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Hot List

During the state legislative session, WEC helps develop the Environmental Community Hot List for the State House and Senate—the 10 most important environmental bills being debated that week.

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Past Priorities Report

Washington’s leading groups have worked for years to make our state a better place to live – view a report that analyzes our past priorities for successes and lessons learned.

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