Climate action opponents are at it again. While Washington state is trying to put into place rules to help us meet our existing carbon pollution limitations, the state Senate is considering banning these kinds of important rules.

Without this rule or other significant climate action, there’s no way we’ll meet our carbon pollution limits.

We need your help now. Will you contact your Senator and tell them to vote no on SB 6173? Tell him or her you think it’s high time our state’s biggest polluters do their fair share to help protect our environment.

If SB 6173 passes, it will prohibit the governor from creating limited regulations to help us meet our carbon pollution limits and protect our public health. After an unprecedented wildfire season where even the Olympic rainforest burned for weeks, we simply cannot afford more inaction.

Washington state has a lot to lose from climate change. That’s why we need to lead the way to a clean energy economy.

Contact your Senator right away and tell them that SB 6173 will set us back. Tell him or her you’re counting on them to Safeguard Our Environment and vote no.

This dangerous legislation can be brought to a vote at any time. We must act quickly to stop it.